Fantasy Beer League

Fantasy Beer League

The only app that lets you pit the best beers head-to-head in blind-taste-testing competition. Sign-up for news and updates. No spam, pinky swear.

You've got great taste. Prove it.

Available for iOS and Android!


Pick your favorite breweries.

Just like in fantasy sports, the first step of Fantasy Beer League is to get a well-stocked team. Throughout the season you’ll be using beers from your breweries to dazzle your friends’ taste buds.


Choose a spot. Taste the beers!

It’s blind beer tasting time! Your league meets, drinks, and rates the best beers from your breweries. Don't worry, the app will do all the math so you can focus on more important things (you know, drinking beer).


Your beers dominated all season.

Month after month your beers topped the league's leaderboard, and now you're the champion forever until next season! Enjoy it while it lasts, Champ, next season is brewing.