About Us

About Us

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Beer Folk

The origins of Fantasy Beer League remain a bit foggy. After a night of spirited conversation (and several rounds of some Atlanta beers), we were determined to find a way to combine some of our favorite things—trying new beer with friends and fantasy sports. It was in pursuit of that goal that we came up with Fantasy Beer League, a super social and fun experience. Over the years of playing FBL, we’ve discovered a ton of new breweries and beers, have had some amazing tasting nights, and found that, really, the highest rated beer ever is the one called friendship.

And now it’s your turn! If you like beer or you like friends (or if you like both!), then this is a game and app for you. Because at its core, FBL is all about discovering excellent beers from around the world with great friends. Download the app, collect your friends, and get to tasting!


The FBL Team