What is Fantasy Beer League?

What is FBL?

How do I get started?

Download the app and read the Getting Started Guide.

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So what exactly is Fantasy Beer League?

Fantasy Beer League is an app that combines two of the greatest things on earth—drinking beers with friends and fantasy sports! And it’s easy to get started. Download the app, draft your favorite breweries, blind-taste beers, and rate them on your mobile device! At the end of the day it’s a great way to hang out with your friends and drink new beers and styles that you otherwise wouldn’t even know about. It’s a bottle-share with some friendly competition.

Is Fantasy Beer League virtual/remote?

No, the concept is to meet with your friends (or neighbors) and blind-taste new beers together. In our experience, the tastings are like bottle share parties where we try new breweries and beer styles. We’ve also met many new friends throughout our league’s seasons, so it’s best to meet in person.

How many people do I need to start a league?

We generally think six to eight teams is best for a league, but there’s no hard rule. You can create a league with four teams or 40.

Do I need to wait for a season to start? When is beer season, exactly?

Beer season is all seasons! That’s the great thing about FBL—you’re in control. You decide when to start your season, what categories you want for tastings, and the snacks to bring. All the important stuff.

What does the app do for my league?

The FBL app is your one-stop shop to get your league up and running. It provides the rules, an easy way to score your beers, league management, and connects to Untappd’s database with thousands of breweries and beers. You bring the beer, friends, and fun. We’ll take care of the rest.

How much is this app you speak of?

Cheap as free! It will only cost you losing out on great beers if you don’t download!